Cancer in Memory Donna Summer RIP

None of us wants it and all of us wants it cured. In life there aren't many things we all can agree on.
Cancer I presume is one of them if my first sentence stands. There are many forms of cancer as we all know. I myself am of a fair complexity and I have freckles all over. Obviously shying away from exposure to direct sun is almost a primary reflex. We redheads generally turn red before getting a tan and only after having felt our skin burned first. In time I imagine that toxicologists have helped me and my consorts with easing some of that pain by means of dermatological creams and sunblocks. I am glad these weren't tested on me and that I could just grab my ointment straight from the pharmacy.

Talking of a complex disease, it should be said that there are advances taking place that are worth looking into. Take this article about In Vivo biology. It nicely describes how technology with the assistance of animal research, is helping discovering potential pathways previously not possible.

So yes medical science moves on and on different tracks simultaneously. It doesn't matter whether   they be in vivo, in vitro or computational models (not  an exhaustive methodology enumeration) or all combined. We all benefit from such advancements thanks to such institutions as the National Foundation for Cancer Research and the people working at its Center for Metastasis Research, where the four following questions are the basis of their proposed research studies:
(1) Why do some cancer cells metastasize while others do not?
(2) Why are some patients more susceptible to metastasis than others?
(3) What determines where cancer cells metastasize and their efficiency in
completing the seeding and growth at secondary sites?
(4) What are the signals that tumor cells give to and receive from their surrounding
 At some point in our lives we will be confronted with disease and chances are that Cancer is one of them. All of us will benefit from people like these. Look right here.

If you have taken the time to visit the NFCR pages above you know that the battle involved the discovery or breakthroughs of novel research tools and technologies, biomarkers or tools for identification of genetic phenomena, new drug candidates and cancer therapeutics, discovery of cancer related genes or proteins, clinical trials and much more.

A more complete list of breakthroughs is found here.

In memory of Donna Summer RIP

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