Nazis and slave traders

Sometimes words aren't enough. It takes animal extremists more to achieve their aims.
Animal liberation - Targets - Victory- Campaigns and Direct Action

Take a look at this:  South Florida Smash HLS Targets

People are named and pictured as targets, their private addresses made public , their company names appear and some are compared as being involved in slavery or called Nazis (John Resuta home demo). You can clearly view from these pages how they pick out pharmaceutical company suppliers, their CRO's or CMO's, transporters and pharmaceutical companies themselves.

Another key aspect in most of these sites is the DONATE button coupled with the use of images. It takes more than words for people to give money. Strong images are used to show that they are serious and mean. At the same time there is also a disclaimer :
The information on this site is not meant to incite, promote or request any illegal action of any kind.
 And the blog roll of like minded extremist groups. Just follow the links :

  • Air Souffrance
  • Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF)
  • Band of Mercy- LA
  • Empty Cages, Full Forests
  • Friends of Animals United (FAUN)
  • National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA)
  • Negotiation Is Over (NIO)
  • Portland Animal Defense League (PDXADL)
  • Shut Down HLS
  • Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN)
  • Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)  

  •  Aren't they a world apart? No dialogue is needed here. Just make sure your children, your family and friends know what is happening. Antropomorphism and ignorance combined may well create the next or current wave of supporters! Support your bio-medical research associations and let your government know that enough is enough.

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