Regenerate, re-equip, regrow , reengineer

The bio medical field experiences some very exciting times. When it comes to paralysis, organ failure or missing limbs, tissues, there are now distinct promising approaches that will change many lives for the better.

With the use of pluri potent cells it is now possible to  imagine  that malfunctioning systems and organs will be regenerated.
We are now also at the point where paraplegics can regain a sense of touch. They are being re-equiped.
This is really sensational,  a great breakthrough for those affected, for the researchers and for society.
The third approach involves growing organs in host animals for grafting in humans.
 Finaly last but not least there is gene editing as in crispr cas9 which opens up a whole new world of possible animal models as part of our toolkit against disease, disorder and malfunction.
UC Berkeley

These are the new R's of the present future: regenerate,  re-equip, regrow, re-engineer 

In light of these promising directions it is high time that we as a society realize that this progress also builds on the knowledge gained by using animals. Not just in testing but also in basic fundamental research.
The animal part is small but it remains a key towards medical progress. Researchers around the world acknowledge this as do those who attribute Nobel prizes year in year out.

What about you? Some anti animal use organizations want to ✋ stop animal research despite the many advances attained via animal research.
Will you allow this? If not join those who speak for a silent majority and let others know why you think so.