About Advancing Animal Research

The purpose of this blog is to establish bridges between the aviation world, the life sciences, health care, pharmaceutical, animal research industries,  educational institutions and their affiliate or representative associations as well as Governmental organisations.

These bridges take the form of a dialogue by means of posts and are meant to educate or illustrate readers about:
  1. the need for animal research;
  2. how it fits in or with healthcare or pharmaceutical activities;
  3. how it takes place and by whom;
  4. consequences and tactics of animal rights extremists.
Most articles or posts contain links to other web sites or blogs that  either illustrate the above points and provide for educated information written by experts in order to paint a larger picture that goes well beyond the love and care for animals - which in this context isn't necessarily incompatible with the use of animals. The blog author has a pro animal research position and expresses his own opinion in this blog. This blog is owned, operated and maintained by Eric Raemdonck.

I publish the information and articles on this site primarily in English, which is often the language used in international aviation. This is only an editorial choice to reach as many readers as possible. A free translation tool is added to the site.

Je publie l'information et les articles sur ce site principalement en Anglais qui est souvent la langue d'utilisation dans l'aviation. Ce n'est qu'un choix éditorial afin de rejoindre le plus grand nombre de lecteurs.

Я опубликовать информацию и статей на этом сайте главным образом на английском языке, который часто является язык использования в авиации. Это выбор редакции достичь самое большое количество читателей.

نشر المعلومات والمواد على هذا الموقع أساسا باللغة الإنكليزية، التي كثيرا ما تكون اللغة للاستخدام في مجال الطيران. وتحرير خيار للوصول إلى أكبر عدد من القراء.


Tôi công bố thông tin và bài viết trên trang web này chủ yếu là bằng tiếng Anh, mà thường là ngôn ngữ sử dụng trong hàng không. Đó có phải là một biên tập lựa chọn để tiếp cận với số lượng lớn nhất của các độc giả.
Saya menerbitkan informasi dan artikel di situs ini terutama dalam bahasa Inggris, yang sering bahasa yang digunakan dalam penerbangan. Adalah bahwa sebuah editorial pilihan untuk mencapai jumlah terbesar pembaca.

About the author

My background is in aviation, logistics, standard setting, cargo regulatory work, industry liaison and representation. I have been involved in government liaison, air side operations, station management, setting up of care teams, multi modal freight, freight forwarding, marine liner management, project management, sales and marketing, biz dev, authoring and editorials, communication and educational outreach activities, public speaking, program and portfolio management.

I stand for the need of an uninterupted supply chain, free from harassment and functioning to the benefit of the larger worldwide communities.