Lack of animal transporters challenges research

Animal rights groups may choke off UK research

Last March a series of interventions were made by Lord Drayson (previously science minister in the UK) alarming the general public to the fact that there are almost no transporters left that are willing to bring research destined animals into the country.


Now that of course causes several problems. It is important to say that in the UK it is a legal requirement to test on at least two animal species, for safety reasons understandably. Transport companies are now being challenged to stop transporting animals or face the multiple campaigns that animal rights groups set up. Should we really worry? I think so. Especially now that there are only a handfull of air transporters left that are willing to transport laboratory animals, not just to the UK but worldwide. It is a big problem, not only for research but also for other communities that rely on air transport. Choking off supply has the same effect as stopping animal research. Moreover it is potentially done at the cost of drug discovery or the finding of new cures for mankind or animals.

Some animal rights group have very explicit materials on their web sites calling for actions one can take to stop any kind of animal use. It does not stop there for they also name individuals involved in research at Universities and cite companies involved in ancilliary activities such as transportation, as targets. A google search will quickly generate a list of such sites. Research should not be aplogetic about its activities. Instead more people should stand up and voice their concerns about these tactics !

Health care has improved our lives and it will continue to do so but only if and when it is allowed to function as it is supposed to. It matters to you and I. To those involved in institutions, research labs, Universities , pharmaceuticals and hospitals etc I say thank you for your commitment and dedication.

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