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Sometimes taking a step backwards is necessary. Looking at what is happening in animal research I have said it before, is fascinating. One such institution involved in animal research in the US is the Washington National Primate research Center. It does research on AIDS and related diseases, Non human primates systems biology, neuroscience, evolutionary emergence of infectious diseases and more.

Take a look at their  web pages:

Washington National Primate Research Center

Not all of us fully understand the use of non human primates in research but looking at the various articles and the fields the researchers are involved in, sheds light on what it is they are trying to achieve and how research improves human health. Of course science is not providing an immediate answer to what are complex questions but instead it tries to unravel bits and pieces, the answers of which together in a collaborative effort over time lead to the understanding of mechanisms and processes that affect humans and animals alike.

When in the eighties people started to die from an unknown disease later called AIDS and caused by the human immunodefeciency virus, there were more questions than there were answers. Many died of the disease, whereas now when treated that is, they no longer do.  It is easy to in a few paragraphs jump from where we were to where we are at now. Nevertheless it took many scientists, a lot of money, time and work to answer such questions as the causes of AIDS, symptoms, infection, diagnosis and treatment.  And Yes animals were used to find answers. If you were involved in this research you as a member of this community would have had to live with the pressures of understanding the disease, finding treatments and establishing pathways to potential cures such as through vaccines, whilst being asked to reduce the amount of animals used in research. I take my hat off to you. For more information on primate use in research, you can go to

For us members of the general public, it is therefore important to make the link between animal research and the process that leads to drug discovery and the bringing to market of  drugs.
This site gives you an excellent overview of the drug development process.
The drug development process

And then there are people like this that are a world apart. I will let you make your own opinion.

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Mine is made. My vote goes to research!

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