What matters the most?

This blog is about Animal Research and how it contributes to saving lives - our lives - yesterday, today and tomorrow!

That is my opinion and it is worth my time and hopefully yours.

To me it is all about finding cures and making discoveries towards unmet medical needs. I spent a lot of time on the subject and although I am not in research there are plenty of extremely valuable people and companies or institutions out there that have a commitment towards bettering the conditions we live in.

This blog is also for them and about them.

As a starter I would like to point to where you can find valuable information about animal research

In Europe: EFPIA http://www.efpia.eu/content/Default.asp?PageID=372

and http://animaltestingperspectives.org/

In the USA: NABR  http://www.nabr.org/Biomedical_Research/Benefits.aspx

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