About being held hostage

No this post is not about the stockholm syndrome, although sometimes I really wonder.
We know that businesses don't like bad press, who actually does really? Even I have to think twice when confronted with constructive criticism, let stand negative ones. So what to say when opposition is voiced through email and web campaigns or by lobbying and harassing those you do business with?

Things do get worse when a vast silent majority is being held hostage by a very vocal minority. Images of animals used in research are all over the internet. These images are often taken out of context for the sake of illustrating cruelty with the admitted purpose of ending all animal use.
Are you part of the majority? Do you feel being held hostage by this minority? What about your businesses and its management ? Is the pressure mounting? Well if you do, AR groups want you to go ahead click on the ''donate'' button or partake in the emailing campaigns. Slowly becoming a stockholm syndrome victim, are you? Or is there an alternative? I think so! Being aware and educated as to why research using animals takes place is answering part of the equation. Another part of the answer is in attitudes, the willingness to act and assuming an educated choice.

Perhaps giving in is also the position adopted by the many airlines and other transporters that have ceased accepting laboratory animals. Don't get me wrong, businesses are run to make money not to debate the ethical or unethical use of animals. The greater picture however is different. I want you to meet Mike Robinson, I met him in a meeting a few years ago through this video. I have never forgotten Mike.

Mike, parkinson's disease and monkey research

No one is against virtue but abusing people is something different. If you want to know more about the subject of animals in research, you can sign up here for it is a good way of staying aware, educated and engaged. Sign up  with understanding animal research and decide for yourself about animal research and how it helps saving lives. Perhaps yours one day or a loved one, who can tell?  

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