Worth a read

Animal transport protests: Scientists stress welfare and risks posed to research. UK Science Minister David Willetts speaks out. Read the article here.

Other NIH publications on animal research http://lab.nap.edu/napsearch.php?term=animal+research

Educational material put forward by AALAS foundation for public outreach:


Veterinarians speaking for research that benefits human and animal. VIDEO

Article about guinea pigs and how they became models in animal research (Koch)

US National Institutes of Health updates on research 

ANIMALS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Improving the Utility and Translation of Animal Models for Nervous System Disorders - Workshop Summary - See more at: http://iom.edu/Reports/2013/Improving-the-Utility-and-Translation-of-Animal-Models-for-Nervous-System-Disorders.aspx#sthash.W3R050rZ.dpuf

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