No fly policies

When it comes to transporting laboratory animals airlines in general have very cold feet. I have posted several links (in previous posts) that point to AR campaigns which specifically target airlines. The end result of these campaigns are predictively always the same: A NO FLY policy is imposed.
How can airlines positively react to the transportation of laboratory destined animals, when they are flooded by thousands of emails? What should they do when they are being called targets and staff constantly harassed?
Against fur and petition cargo-cruelty-tell-airlines-to-stop-shipping-primates-for-research/
and cargo cruelty tell airlines to stop shipping primates for research

Should all airlines pay and display the 'leaping bunny' logo in order to keep animal rights activists at bay? Will that even suffice when AR groups outright say that they oppose any animal use or until total liberation takes place? Remember airlines are in the business of flying people, animals and other cargo from A to B, safely and securely. 

It has to be said that despite the claims made by AR groups, very few animals are injured, escape or die in transit. This is not happening out of luck. Airlines train their staff towards the acceptance, packing and handling of live animals. The conditions in which the animals fly are the same as those for passengers, except of course animals are in crates and there is no inflight service for most of them. I said most because for some indeed in-flight attendants are present. Shippers too contribute to the successful movement of animals as they have an intimate knowledge of the species they ship and an adequately sized container is used in accordance with airline regulations. So, No they are not crammed into a container, nor are they exposed to cruel conditions in the belly of an aircraft.
Yes there will be noise and occasional fumes but the belly hold is heated and air is being circulated. Usually lights are turned off so the animals experience night type conditions in order to keep them calm.This is after all an aircraft/ airport/ warehouse environment and engines expectedly do make noise and release fumes. International Airline regulations for transporting animals -also contains a chapter dedicated to laboratory animals.

In the end however we all need to realize that transporting animals by air is not what airlines live of. It is a tiny fraction of their revenues. Transportation of monkeys is an even smaller piece, a subset of a subset. And it all has to be done right. None of those involved have an interest in animals that arrive dead, that manage to escape or injure themselves. Airlines do a good job at transporting animals, including those destined for research.

We do have to take this analysis a bit further. What happens when carriers no longer accept transporting animals? The animals end up in other means of transport or worse are smuggled across borders. In this scenario we all loose, except Animal rights groups. Isn't that the goal anyway?
Since indeed animal research is crucial, it is equally crucial to speak up and act in favor of carriers and to let this be known to them.  The time for action is now, the choice of having air transport services is yours to make! Together let's keep logistics working for you and the public.

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