Airlines have a thick skin

The fuselage of an aircraft is that part wherein eventually some of us will sit or as it applies to animals, will be carried. It is usually made of aluminium to keep operating weight , the related fuel consumption and carbon footprint down to commercially exploitable levels. It is an assembly of several sections that are welded together. As you can see from the pics below.
Boeing B747-8 Forward Fuselage Source: Aviation news.eu
Whilst most of us do enjoy a flight to our  favoured holiday resort, some are out there telling the airlines what to do or what not to do. Coming from an aviation background that is a biased opinion, admittedly. We do live in a democratic society and criticism as well as free speech is a generally admitted right. No problem there whatsoever. Now do take a look at this petition by the buav.  You'd have to agree with me that airlines must have a thick skin to resist these ongoing petitions. This one in particular has reached the fifty six thousand mark and is aiming at seventy five thousand. The airlines being petitioned are Air France, Vietnam Airlines, Philippine airlines, Continental Airlines (now UA).

Airbus A350 aft fuselage source aviation brief.com

Scenario: I should be the lucky manager to whom this petition is addressed, for I would have to explain to upper management why we are being targeted and what it is we should do moving forward.  Keeping in mind of course that eventually these very 56000 potential or existing customers may decide not to use our services any longer. I am known to keep my temper. The same can not be said of my VP, let stand my CEO.

The petition updates tab provides readers with information on other campaigns and those airlines and other transporters that have decided to stop carrying primates.  Cruel cargo ? I don't think so. It would be if we all keep silent though. It is the very reason why I created this blog for research and medical advancement matters to all of us. Our communities must work together towards a commercially viable alternative and I am not talking about alternative use animals. Let's talk about animal research and saving lives!

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