Different Perspectives, different goals!

Incidents do happen, no doubt about that. An Air China flight got delayed at JFK airport over the weekend because a non human primate escaped from its container. The news rapidly circulated over the internet and was reported by the New York post amongst others. Air China does not take these things lightly and I am sure a thorough audited investigation will follow this occasional and unfortunate incident. Be assured that No one was hurt as a result of the incident and all made it safely to their final destination.

The BUAV quickly put together a renewed campaign to target Air China, as a result of this incident and to call for an end to monkey shipments on this carrier.  Emails and letters to Air China are part of the campaign tactics.
I can't comment as to the causes of the escape but from experience it often comes down to container construction and by the interference of the animal itself.

In the meantime according to a Biospectrum article, Chinese scientists led by Dr Sidong Xiong of Fudang university, report having developed a novel TB- DNA vaccine in an HIV-1 p24 protein backbone that protects against mycobacterium tuberculosis and simultaneously elicists robust humoral and cellular responses to HIV.  The vaccine was tested in mice.
It remains to be seen how the vaccine behaves in clinical trials. The article goes on to point out that there are an estimated but nevertheless staggering 14 million people co-infected by both diseases (WHO data). Read the abstract here. Or download the ASM pdf article here.

Putting things in perspective my post should have started with the TB HIV vaccine story because it is of far more significance than the buav reaction to a monkey that escaped confinement. I just find it ironic that the latter makes headline news, creates a big stir and eventually may lead a carrier to stop transporting laboratory animals. Different perspectives and different goals? It sounds like a dialogue between deaf people. How could it be any different when stopping any and all animal use is the objective? These people sure know how to build a fire.

Despite the above noise produced by a single animal escape, I for one have great faith in alternatives for they too hold great promises. We can all learn from animals. Think of the tensile strength of spider produced wire, the adhesive power of the gecko or other insects that are able to walk upside down. A new era is upon us that will unleash the power of biotechnology not only in the medical field but in many different domains.  Before we start inoculating though let's ensure new and alternative means of saving or improving lives are appropriately tested, it just makes so much sense! Don't you think so? And do let carriers, such as Air China, know you support them for together our voices can make a difference since we share a common perspective and a common goal of advancing medical research and improving lives.

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