Animal research in doubt

There is a buzz going on about a recent article in the New York Times that deals with mouse models and their validity as models in some disease research. You can read the article here.

Scientists are quickly pointing out that the use of a single inbred mouse strain as was the case in this study, is not representative. Furthermore it is known that certain inbred mouse strains are resistant to septic shock, whereas others are much more susceptible. So yes the use of a certain inbred mouse strain in one study failed to translate into medicines for mankind and illustrates the limits of this particular strain for a given research or disease, however in my mind the article also reminds us of the importance of choosing the adequate or most valid animal model for a study. If I am not mistaken certain countries demand the use of two different animal species in studies such as for example rodents and primates. I now better understand the logic behind such a policy.

For a further in depth look at the article and its shortcomings, read this piece below. http://community.jax.org/genetics_health/b/weblog/archive/2013/02/13/why-mice-may-succeed-in-research-when-a-single-mouse-falls-short.aspx

All of this to say that in Science there are questions and it is only in attempting to answer them that discoveries and shortcomings come to light. Obviously Peta has a different take and calls the whole exercise a waste. Oh wait a minute if you are a firefigther and victim of skin burn, an unlikely incident for Peta staff writing from their cozy offices, I guess having a cure or treatment available is not important nor valuable, just let them people suffer! Animals aren't ours to experiment on.

Talking of animal research and its benefits I invite you to read this piece by Denise Beckfield whom says that whilst she opposes animal cruelty in research she benefits from it through surgery and medication.
Paralysed people too hope to one day find the use of their limbs back. Here's what's happening in research to assist those afflicted.  And here too http://ht.ly/hQY2D , or if you prefer the video click below. Still convinced that animal research is a waste?


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