Paralysed woman moves robot with mind and some help from NHP+pigs!

Always amazed when I read about animal research contributions to improving our lives or in helping us detect impacts on our health.

Here's two examples, one of which I included the video thereof in the 'worth a view' page of my blog:

  1. Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface  
  2. BPA may affect developing brain by disrupting gene regulation - Duke University 

Actually the smile on the wheelchair bound woman is worth so much I can hardly put words to it. I do hope however that those of you who are involved in animal research find some solace against all the hardship others bring onto you. As always you have my heartfelt thank you!

To many, research means hope! To others it is described as torture, cruelty, useless and the list goes on. I have said and wrote this before: animal research is not a zero sum equation. No, animal research is about medical progress we all benefit from. Here's one on asthma and the use of mice.  An article about a molecule that could lead to better drugs for millions.

Young students in the US are grasping the importance and necessity of animal research  more easily as you can find out here on this wonderful blog called Curious Young Writers:
A collection of high school student stories featuring uncommon animals that are helping researchers find better answers to some age-old health questions.

Read their latest post called Chinchillas: Todays Heroes!

And if you do agree with me - take two minutes of your time and sign my online petition towards medical progress through science and animal research. For your voice matters, it must be heard and counted!


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