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Speak up and act for medical progress

Airlines play a critical role in vaccination campaigns for they transport many of the vaccines that are manufactured worldwide. It doesn't matter where it is manufactured chances are that at a certain point because of a disease outbreak and local supply doesn't suffice, medication will have to be brought into a country. There's plenty of examples that come to mind such as SARS or H1N1. A lot of temperature controlled drugs too end up flying in the bellies of aircrafts.

All of these medications need to be tested though, both in humans and animals. Of course I strongly disagree with those that say animal testing is not necessary or outdated because a solid public health policy needs to be supported by scientific facts and evidence. This testing is true also for new medical procedures and medical devices. A public health policy also requires the funding of fundamental research at Universities, public institutions and private initiatives because as concerned citizens we all require medical progress not only for ourselves, our friends and relatives but for the overarching aim of protecting the public at large and finding cures to diseases that claim many lives. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live nor what the color of your skin is, health care is based on a sound public health policy. This policy should not be affected or impacted by email campaigns by non governmental organizations that oppose animal use and therefore seek to stop the transport of animal models such as non human primates.

 Perhaps to come back to vaccination campaigns, graphical illustration of the results of vaccine use in the US might be more appropriate to illustrate the above facts!

Besides supporting public health policy one also needs to understand the critical role in funding research (animal based or not) by listening to the institutions affected. As is voiced here for Emory University by Raymond J. Dingledine, Dean for Research in Medicine.

Medical progress is not achieved by chance. It takes a lot of people and effort for it to happen and to one day perhaps save your life, if that is not already the case since most of us are vaccinated against major diseases. So please do remember that whilst you may think having drugs or treatments available at your local drugstore or hospital is normal, there are many things going on on your behalf to ensure you have the protection or treatment you need.
Do not let those that oppose animal use ruin this global worldwide effort that benefits us all.

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