Growth factor aids stem cell regeneration after radiation damage

Growth factor aids stem cell regeneration after radiation damage


Above please find two well written articles, each one illustrating the use of animals in research and how animal research contributes to medical progress. And at the bottom take two minutes and have a thought for Reg Presley- The Troggs, whom lost his battle against cancer.

Those opposing animal research remind me of those that oppose vaccination.


I think there is an overwhelming majority (silent that is) of people out there that understand the need for animal research. Charities should be more forthcoming  about animal research as is suggested here in this article by Tom Holder of speaking of Research.

When disease strikes is perhaps not the best time to find out how your drug or treatment came about to be, however we should all take some time to think about it and realize how much is being done to keep you , your relatives or friends alive or to improve your life. Let's not take this for granted.

I did look at all I and my family have benefited from in terms of medical care and progress.  So my blog is just a little contribution and thank you to those that day in, day out are dedicating their time and efforts to save us all, animals and humans!  The list of those to thank is so long, suffice it to say that these words are there for you  as long as these pages don't disappear. I do hope my airline colleagues will follow me in supporting medical progress and perhaps cease imposing restrictive policies that hinder the search for cures!

!!! THANK YOU !!!

R.I.P Reg Presley - let's win the battle against cancer.


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