Speaking of research, Monkey Business and the human factor

There is a great article about the work done on primates at the University of Washington's Primate research center . You can read the article here  it is called Monkey Business. I have taken the liberty of relaying the twitter feed by speaking of research an advocacy group that does a really good job of informing the general public at large about animal based research, its importance and achievements.

More importantly in this article are the statement made by Peggy Smith, the Assistant Director of the WaNPRC that I am reproducing here:
For Smith, treatment methods developed in the IPRL — such as how to prevent lungs from sticking together during inhalation and exhalation, and how to keep preterm infants warm without harming them due to their fragility — are largely responsible for saving the life of her son, born three months premature with holes in his lungs, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and heart problems. He was monitored at the UW’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in an isolette — the same type used for infant nonhuman primates in the IPRL. Smith’s son, now 28 years old, survived despite Smith being told multiple times he wouldn’t.
Smith said the experience of seeing how research with nonhuman primates could be used to cure human medical conditions, particularly those of her son, convinced her of the importance of animal research despite the negative connotations that often surround it.
“If they could save my son, I didn’t care what had been done in research,” Smith said. “Your ethics become clear when you’re faced with a real-life situation. … I understand [animal-rights] activists have a point of view, they have their own reasons like I have mine. The science and facts of research speak for themselves, in my mind.”

Animal Research is not about torturing animals but about saving lives or improving them. I think this pattern is clear in the many posts I have put on my blog, for indeed it does put things in perspective. In real life situtations getting a cure or a treatment for you , your children , your family, friends and neighbours or those that suround you is what counts the most.  We all want to live long and healthy lives.

Whilst on the Speaking of research page I encourage You to take a look at recent posts about position statements on animal research by pharmaceuticals and health charities. Both these key players should do a better job at explaining why animal research matters and how it links to what they do for most of us simply have no idea how a drug is created, developped and marketed.

When it is time for a cure or during a treatment is when you need to make your point, dot the i's and cross the t's. The benefits of doing so in my mind outweigh the nuisance by animal extremists and I don't think I am the only one having this opinion. It is time to speak out towards animal research and medical advancements! Let your elected officials know YOU CARE.

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