El Al airlines bites the dust

Another airline became the latest victim of animal organizations: El Al. In the fight against any animal use El Al was subjected to thousands of emails, facebook messages, phone calls and boycott petition signatures as is reported here on facebook and  by South Forida Smash HLS. El Al is said to refrain from transporting Mazor farm monkeys destined to SNBL laboratories in Texas.

Whilst I have no information on what research these monkeys were destined to, what now appears as a victory to some is a right out loss to us the silent majority. Despite the savvy campaigning and marketing spin, it is simply not true that the vast majority of people are against the use of animals in research. When informed people make the difference and support research. In fact what researchers and academics alike need is our continued support, our speaking out in favor of animal research and their service providers. Not because this has to to do with torturing animals or not, but because we just can not afford to take the risk of not testing on animals, of not learning from this research what works and what doesn't. We can not afford either that governments do not stand up for health care. In this case it is Israel's high court that needs to issue a ruling in support of the research industry. This will indeed send a strong message. It is time for an international coalition against these initiatives for too much is at stake in terms of human suffering and medical progress.

We do not need to gauge emotions against emotions, the pain and suffering of animals versus the need for cures and treatments of humans. That is playing the game of animal advocates whom claim the holy ground in the name of animals. The benefits of health care can not afford to take second place behind animals. There's just no way José, sorry ain't going to work.

Take a look at this site lobbying to close NewCastle's animal lab.  None of these entities speaking on behalf of animals have been elected. They do not speak on behalf of us either but merely express an opinion. Nothing more nothing less.
Today it is El Al - who will it be tomorrow Air China, China Southern or Air France KLM ?
None of them needs to bite the dust, if only we stand behind them , United and in support of animal research ! I rest my case please rest yours.


  1. I completely agree with your comments. The animal experimentation is indeed a very crucial step for basic as well as for preclinical research. This is the high time to get united and support animal research with full respect to law of land for animal ethics.


    1. Thank you for your comment and your support.