No room for mistakes

Look at this web page. It sounds as if medical research still operates on the same grounds as in the 70'ies. The page mentions how many people have died as a result of taking prescription drugs to finally conclude that 1 out of 10 hospital beds is occupied as a result of iatrogenesis (medically induced disease). I really don't know what world these people live in but apparently theirs is a flawless one.
A world where no mistakes are made or if mistakes are made then the activity needs to be stopped.
A few doctor statements are interjected as a means of illustrating how wrong animal research is and how it never leads to results for humans. After all these years of investigating, trying to understand, analyzing, comparing and creating drugs or cures that are safe for humans, this entire effort ends up to a zero sum equation. The entire medical field and those regulating it are all dead wrong. And if you speak in favor of animal use in research you are part of the torturing business. You are on the wrong side of the fence.

This reminds me of a joke where a scientist after having progressively cut off a frog's legs concludes that the result of his actions rendered the animal deaf because it could no longer move...!

It is good to be held to a high standard but when people play the cards against you because their motivation is not to improve but to stop an activity on the basis of their own moral grounds, then there is not just a problem. They become the problem. As far as I know animal research is used as a means towards discovering a solution. There is never a guarantee that what is undertaken leads to the expected or wished for outcome. Does that mean it does not need to be undertaken? No, absolutely not for mistakes are part of the learning. There is no straight line towards drug discovery and low hanging fruit is long gone.

No system is perfect and  built in safeguards are needed. Have animals been sacrificed in this process? Yes and there always will, until such time as animals are no longer deemed necessary. Only science can answer when this will be and science depends on our activities, our capacity to understand, investigate and discover.   When and if we get there we will have cured every disease and have eradicated pain and suffering from this planet, perhaps shall we all be immortal by then.
Meanwhile I suggest we let researchers search for cures, airlines continue to transport laboratory destined animals and patients have faith in the drug discovery process.

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