How does my work in the vivarium help others? | ALN

How does my work in the vivarium help others? | ALN

Please read this story of how Brian Anderson's daughter was saved and how it triggered his interest in drugs and treatments and the link with animal research.

I have blogged about this before, we take a lot of what surrounds us for granted and even more so when it comes to medicines, vaccines and medical progress. Not only does it matter to us as humans but also for animals.

Do not let a virulent minority own the moral grounds of what is right or wrong in science (using animals or not) and medical advancement. Ask yourself how you will behave when confronted with a terrible disease or disorder. We all wish to live a long and healthy life, preferably disease or disorder free. The reality however is different, at some point in our lives we all turn to health care and medical advancement!  Count your blessings for society has not gotten there by chance.

Science and medical advancement has no morals, no ethics but we do and safeguards are built into the processes. Take away animal research and you take away a safeguard that benefits millions of us, ask any toxicologist. Perhaps many fail to make it past animal research into clinical trials however this particular aspect remains part and parcel of the safeguard process. Moreover failure can lead to future success.

In a hospital there is lots of pain and suffering but most of the patients live through it to tell their stories as Brian did for his daughter. Others are not that lucky but their organs give us and scientific research a second chance. Surgeons too live with this predicament on a daily basis. Does it prevent them from returning to the operating table? Thankfully not - like it or not we all live with the risk.
All of these people need to be supported and thanked for the valuable work they do day in, day out.      

You too can make a difference. You can tell your story, you can sign a petition, you can educate your friends, colleagues and neighbours or you can donate to health care charities. Find your own inspiration as did the most honorable Arlen Specter, may his soul rest in peace.

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