Animal extremists against saving lives and conservation

There are many terrible diseases and one doesn't get to choose. Many of us may be born with a disease as it can be carried in our genes. Perhaps one day we will be able to eradicate these diseases by manipulating them before passing on our genes. Neuroscience for example is an area where animal research is critical because it requires investigating complex functions in living species. You can find out about the animals used here on the brainfacts.org page. Or if you have a question send it from this page and an expert will answer you! Below you can see a vid on jelly fish from Romanian Neuroscientists (www.neuroscience-bucharest.blogspot.com).

Some of the articles found on the Brain facts web site about animal research success, relate to: pscychiatric disorders, polio, the brain's chemical code and stroke. Animals too benefit from the research as we learn to understand some of the more complex functions they possess; see this article about trouts and how some animals orient themselves using magnetism. Actually I had heard about this particular capacity before in birds as a means to explain how birds manage to migrate back and forth without getting lost. Although many questions remain and need to be proven, the subject remains fascinating don't you think so? As you can read in the article new techniques or technologies could be developed building on such findings. Imagine finding back or obtaining a sense of smell, viewing or hearing. All things many of us take for granted and if it weren't for such research WHO would help those that suffer, are incapacitated or have to live with cripling disorders?

Image courtesy Brainfacts.org

Many argue animal research is unethical, it is torture, it is not necessary or no longer necessary. Scientists however disagree and so do patients - those that are waiting for a cure and those that have survived from diseases such as Cancer and many others. Actually so does a silent majority - all of us except those that oppose any animal use. Somehow this minority of extremists, just want to turn off the light for all of us including the animals they say they speak for...do not let them use sentiency, animal welfare or calls from the wild as arguments against animal research nor animal use for that matter!
If you care to take this a step further, make sure you sign this online petition:  http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/support-medical-progress-through-science-and-animal-research because medical progress matters to all of us and so does animal conservation in zoo's and aquaria. No animal use means we will no longer be able to keep them in such places that have put animal conservation at the center of their concerns and actions. Be mindful of what you wish for others. Especially when they do not have the ability to speak for themselves!


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