Medical progress needs transportation

Pleased to report my guest post on the Speaking of research blog called Safeguarding Medical progress means supporting animal transport.

You can find it by clicking the following link. Likewise if you work in transportation or an affiliated industry, it is important to know how you can support initiatives that seek to support the continued transportation of laboratory destined animals. Being familiar with the sources for educated information about animal research is equally as important.

If your company or you as an individual are called targets by animal extremists, do not hesitate and contact the appropriate parties.   Unless of course you support PETA campaigns against airlines.
In which case you support the statements that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment (think of zoo's and aquaria or other conservation mechanisms).

With more than one million living species described, the animal kingdom is by far the largest on earth. I can't wait to see PETA's first invertebrate campaign in support of  animal rights for Nematodes (agrilus planipennis). After all, despite their threat to agriculture, aren't they all animals worthy figthing for? What about protection for agricultural plant species many of us depend upon for our  diets? Surely using bees for polination puposes is called slavery by some and exploiting their honey equates to animal cruelty! 

What about you? Is medical progress on your mind? Do the right thing and support animal research. Who knows one day you , or a family member, too may benefit from the many medical advances we are used to. Take a look here.


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