HSUS, PETA share $ and resources, Air China stops primate transport

Source Animal Agricultural Alliance

There is a complex interplay going on between animal organizations that involves money and people. No wonder then that there is commonality in targets, strategy and in moving forward against animal use industries. Here's how the Animal Agricultural Alliance describes it:
Radical activist organizations are leading the fight to grant animals the same legal rights as humans. The ideology of the animal rights movement- that animals are not ours to own, enjoy, or use in any way- is a direct assault on farmers and pet owners. Activists often hide their true agenda in order to gain the support of unknowing pet lovers. Here, you will find current updates from the world of animal rights.

In fact talking of targets and opposing animal use,  yet another airline - Air China - has ceased transporting laboratory destined monkeys, as PETA reports a victory against NHP laboratory animal transport:
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The sad story continues? Not really. Facts and figures show that the majority of laboratory animals consist of rats and mice. Whilst research does need primates, the locations where research now takes place, are simply moving closer to where the animals are.
Should you be interested in where all these charitable donations go to at PETA take a look here: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=4314
PETA in FY2011 earned $30,591,252 in contributions, whereas total expenses amounted to $36,869,314 leaving a $-5,057,199 deficit for the year!
Not bad for a registered charity that apparently doesn't run or own shelters and lives of public donations. According to the charity evaluator that leaves them with an overall one star rating out of four.

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