Extremists target AF-KL, United, Air China

Another merry go round for animal extremists by WAR-Faun, Peta against airlines!

**Join the WAR-FAUN Anti-Vivisection Alliance as we again converge on Air France-KLM Executive Offices in NYC to call them out for their complicity in the "lab" primate-trafficking blood trade! Come and stand with us in defense of our evolutionary next-of-kin at a WAR-FAUN Gateway to Hell! demo on Friday, July 27th!**



United's One-Way Flights Are Deadly for Monkeys Claims PETA

Here's what PETA wants you to do:
In addition to not booking a flight with United Airlines and the other heartless airlines that transport monkeys to U.S. laboratories, please take another step to help end this cruel practice by urging these airlines to adopt a policy against the transportation of monkeys destined for laboratories.
Also, take a moment of your time to let United Airlines know that you will not be flying with the airline until it stops transporting monkeys to laboratories:
Tweet at United Airlines on Twitter.
Send an e-mail directly to United Airlines.
This is part of PETA's AIR CRUELTY campaign which asks airlines to stop shipping monkeys to be tortured. Here's what they want you to say to UNITED at their PETSAFE email:

I was dismayed to learn that your airline continues to facilitate cruelty to animals by transporting primates destined for laboratories. These highly social, intelligent beings are routinely mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases, and psychologically tormented.
Additionally, primates suffer from the long and grueling transport in the cargo holds of planes and in the backs of trucks. For these reasons, nearly every major airline including Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Aer Lingus refuses to transport primates for use in experiments. It is shameful that your airline lags behind and continues to support this cruel practice.
Please join leading airline companies and adopt a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories to ensure that your company plays no role in the suffering of these animals.
If you want to look at the campaign follow this link

Another association American Anti Vivisection Society has a letter up too, protesting United's policy of transporting laboratory animals. The emails are sent to Jeffery A. Smisek President and CEO. Follow the link here to view the Transport Trouble campaign.
PETA also wants Air China to stop transporting non human primates, here's what their web site says:

Even though nearly every major airline in the world has abandoned the disgraceful practice, Air China continues to transport hundreds of monkeys from Asia to their deaths in some of the cruelest laboratories in the United States.
To read it follow the link here

This type of continued harassment has got to stop for the intention is to damage the reputation of the airlines and cause economic loss. If you can not stop research don't try stopping transportation! There is no law saying this transportation activity is illegal and certainly neither is animal research! In fact the benefits and medical advances using animal research have been demonstrated over and again.

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