Animal extremists target Airlines, Airports, Freight Forwarders and all related in any way to research on animals

Without the airports, airlines, ferries and customs clearers this trade would not be able to go on. They are the ones keeping these animals suffering and they are the ones we need to stop in order to shut down the trade in animals for vivisection. Get involved today and play your part in this monumental fight.


The above paragraph comes from a Transit Cruelty web page part of NAVA's Gateway to hell campaign. On the same web site carriers are called targets, as are trucking companies or freight forwarders. http://www.antivivisection.info/campaigns/gateway/airlines.html

It is nothing new, there are similar campaigns from like minded organizations. Read this web site:

The actions are not without consequences to science and medical advancement as is reported here:

Calling someone or a company a target goes beyond the right to demonstrate peacefully or to use the freedom of expression when the aim is to stop the animal use by all means necessary. In this case the efforts aim at transportation and more specifically air transportation. Some extremist groups target importers or those companies that work with pharmaceuticals or research institutions such as universities.
Take a look here:

The aim remains the same : to stop any animal use.
After years of criminal harassment, arson, constant threats and million $ in damages to properties etc, in the US and the UK things have finally changed for these kind of behaviours are no longer tolerated. Animal extremist activists are finally prosecuted and jailed.
Camille Marino, a Florida based Animal extremist known for her activism on her infamous blog Negotiation is over, will now serve time in jail, as is reported here http://speakingofresearch.com/2012/07/16/marino-is-over-hopefully/.

David Jentsch , an unlikely activist as he likes to call himself and founder of Protest for Science, http://unlikelyactivist.com/about/ , is a scientist and once a victim of animal extremists. He describes in his post how after constant intimidation and harassment he took things in his hands and went to court to sue Camille Marino and won. A welcome development towards answering animal extremists.

The time of apologetic messages about why animals are used in research is over and the research industry players refuse to be held hostage by these groups. Their messages and outreach efforts are increasingly being heard by the general public and politicians as is witnessed here

Facts and Figures for the EU are available here: http://www.animalresearchforlife.eu/index.php/en/factsfigures

So what about research itself ? Does it or not contribute to medical advancement? Is it really necessary?

Take a look here: http://www.nabr.org/Biomedical_Research/Medical_Progress.aspx and find out through work done by Nobel price winners using animals.

Do think twice before saying no to transporting research animals for the very drugs transported under temperature controlled conditions more often than not originate at the very beginning of the drug discovery process :

If you are interested in medical advancement and how animal research contributes, or are being pressured by animal extremist groups feel free to read my blog posts here:

or to contact me at Raemdoncke@gmail.com

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