Don't be misguided! Support animal research.

Please don't be misguided, do try to understand why we as a society continue to invest in and support animal research. I do so on a regular basis for not only do I learn about new techniques, discoveries or advances but also it allows me to distinguish between facts put forward by the scientific community and the fiction animal extremists put forward.

I do want to point out that I am not remunerated to do so by anyone. My motivation is based on a need to know and the exposure to animal research at a certain point in my career. By now, for those of you who have followed me here on the blog or on twitter, this means roughly +20K tweets on the subject and almost 40000 views on my blog. Enough clues to make the point.

I insist though that you as a member of the public must understand why, when and where there is animal research. I do hope that my tweets and the links or articles they contain or point to, enable you to make up your mind or at least educate you about the subject. I do not condemn people for making certain dietary food choices but do point to those who try to stop animal research by all means necessary. In 2015 an animal rights activist, as a result of prosecution under AETA, has been condemned to prison. Read about it here. It is sad that things had to come to this but it is just; the uncompromising views and actions of these individuals result in an expected sentence: guilty as charged. This trail to jail had been announced a long time ago. Misguided , ill advised and radicalized, sounds familiar? Animal extremists cause too much damage, not just to researchers and institutions but also to animal conservation (ebola -great apes) and to those patients that are anxiously awaiting medical progress. It is not a broken record but a reality and a necessity. Unless of course animals must be born free!

From experience I know most of you now expect me to post a link to a science based article, so I will kindly oblige and refer you to Hollis Cline and Mar Sanchez as to the reasons why animal research is necessary. Dont just take my word for it, but please do take theirs. After all they are scientists who want you to understand what it is they do, why, when and where. Or you might just want to read this article and decide for yourself if monkey research isnt necessary, cruel and a baby trade!

Finaly if reading isnt your forte just watch this and decide for yourself where you want the NIH to focus on and make a donation to those who contribute to real medical progress. The investment is worthwhile for you will invest in your own future now!

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