Hollywood to the rescue

75 messages on the blog and I need to draw a line.

15401 views at the time of writing 2013-04-16 09:59Am. Note that these are direct views and that since one can scroll down to read other messages or multiple posts these are not accounted for, so the figure is likely higher as is the case for numbers below.

Most read entry ? Follow the link , a post with 800 direct views this far. Celebrity attracts as does a simple yet to the point message. Airlines need to continue transporting non human primates because they are needed for our ongoing quest for cures and life saving treatments.

2nd position with 281 views goes to 50 entries is a landmark - a post about how animal research is conducted by researchers that often times have a passion for animals and humans. Their jobs aren't easy but the aims are worth the sacrifice, else they'd quit a long time ago!  Also a reflection of my own liking of birds.

3rd is Animal research in doubt with 276 direct views. The number I think highlights the state of concern by those involved in research. I have often found op'ed pieces about the use of animals in research written by researchers to be apologetic or defensive in tone, which says a lot about their state of mind and the undue pressure exerted on them. Important actors such as medical charities are looking the other way and that is not helping either.  Animal alternatives create the impression that animals will at some point in the future no longer be needed. Is that really so? 

So drawing the line I'd say that a wining strategy involves getting the public on your side. That's where Hollywood comes into play. Use high profile actors,  film makers and influential producers to get your messages across. Implement communication plans that involve social media. BE outspoken and communicate achievements and let all know why what you do is so important. I know airlines listen because they fly the same people you cure. Medical progress matters to all of us.

In the end it is the survivors, the patients saved that will tell the most compelling story of all. That of getting back their life and the invaluable opportunity of being with their loved ones!  These last words go to thank the animals that make our species so succesfull.



  1. Congratulations - It's also just been the blog's one year anniversary. Keep up the good work!
    Speaking of Research

    1. Thank you! Hope to be around for another one.