A many years ago when I joined an all freigther operation I learned to apply preventive measures to ensure customers experience prime time customer satisfaction when using our services. This was part and parcel of a due dilligence process. This mindset has never left me and other employers have enjoyed the benefits thereof. You can read about this mindset in this excellent article that describes the crucial role of  animal research and its contributions to saving lives here.

Nowadays it seems one first has to experience something really bad before anything happens. Despite AETA, Animal extremists know this very well and their actions are slick orchestrated public relations campaigns to turn you into active figthers that combat for what is labeled ethically right. A prime example is the case of Camille Marino who's infamous TRIAL TO JAIL is well documented in this article

Let's be clear the objective is not to engage debate but to stop animal use, regardless of medical progress and life saving medical procedures or drugs and the fate of millions of people that suffer or are waiting for cures. Did you know that there are over 34 million people worldwide infected with HIV? You can read about it here. One thing is sure ERADICATION of this disease will not be achieved if we leave it up to animal extremists (BUAV, PETA, HSUS, HSIC etc) for they oppose animal use and leave at a minimum 34 million people behind because they do not fit with what they consider right.

Others join the fray and portray those involved with animal research as Targets and prompt readers for action. As you can see here. No matter what you do they will always take things a step further and depict your legal activities as torture or immoral and inundate you with pre-written emails. However when they impose longer transit times onto animals to be transported because an airline decides to no longer carry research animals then that is called a victory... a victory with a bad smell that is.
And they call themselves Charities ....I say take away their tax exempt status. 

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