Toxins, Venoms and jellyfish

Toxins and Venoms - BrainFacts.org

Jellyfish-inspired device that captures cancer cells from blood samples could enable better patient monitoring (source sciencedaily)

Two articles that point to animal research and how such research can lead to improving lives or medical progress.

Did I mention before how important medical progress is to many of us? I think so but just in case you had forgotten about voicing your choice, do sign the online petition that supports medical advancement through science and animal research. Our online community does make a difference and there are many positive comments from people that value the work done by the research community through animal research in the search for cures and improving life.


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Remember as the Algerian Author Jasmina Khadra says, without the work done by previous generations we would not be where we are today! Lahi sahel.

Hope you'll enjoy the reads above! 

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