Primate liberation week targets transportation and animal research

With primate liberation week upon us (see here on facebook) and the soon to be released movie
maximum tolerated dose (see here for trailer) with footage courtesy of BUAV, the activists are preparing to re-ignite the debate about animal testing. For a full schedule of events planned for the primate liberation week go to the SAEN Stop Animal Exploitation Now page here.
Or perhaps your name as a university researcher appears on the list of animal abusers for fellow activists to take note of and get organized? Likewise PETA is getting ready too by claiming victories over airlines such as Fedex, UPS and DHL as you can read in my post here .

According to all creatures .org Remember: The primates who are suffering in laboratories as you read this letter are depending on us to work together to fight for their freedom. We must exercise our rights (free speech, freedom of assembly, etc.) so that we can fight for the recognition of their rights. They have no voice but ours. They have no protection, no hope, unless you act. For every activist that does nothing, more primates suffer and die.
The decision is yours. You have the choice to do nothing, but your decision has consequences for the primates. Your inaction condemns primates to suffering and death. Your hard work can bring their freedom closer. The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation should be really proud of hosting such valuable contributors!  

I do wonder what debate they are talking about? Is there a debate when any animal use has to stop?
The debate has turned into calling people targets. As is the case here with Janice E. Grooves a member of an IACUC committee. Or committing arson to 'liberate' animals as Camille Jenkins or Peter Young call it, by destroying property of perfectly legal companies. Supporting such acts that have led perpetrators, rightfully so, to jail.  

On the negotiation is over site, ground carriers are also cited as stopping their activities of transporting primates.

Smash HLS too want a piece of the victory against airlines as is quoted below from their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SouthFloridaSmashHLS). The goal however is to shut these companies down, no matter what.
Strategically targeting infrastructure increases our ability to force progressive change. Smash HLS has been involved in stopping 5 local Florida companies from transporting nonhuman primates for use in vivisection. http://www.nature.com/news/lab-animal-flights-squeezed-1.11433

 And for those of you who want to read about joint action take a look at the air souffrance page
http://www.airsouffrance.fr/ . The latest protest in front of an Air France agency in Paris is available on youtube - click here.

I guess it is the end of the year and a good time for donations before the holiday season starts. A good time to remember all of achievements during the year and to make that so needed donation! Who cares about cures, about patients or medical advancement? As long as the money flows in and a few animals are liberated, that is all that matters.

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